We are three building preservation trusts all based in the West Midlands working together to share our knowledge and experience to save Historic Buildings at Risk.
West Midlands Historic Buildings Trust, The Worcestershire Building Preservation Trust, City of Wolverhampton Regenerating Buildings Preservation Trust
We aim to safeguard buildings of historical and/or architectural importance, within the West Midlands and Worcestershire, which are in danger of being lost.
As well as projects to protect and rescue historic buildings, the Trusts organise a range of activities to encourage and involve our members and local communities.
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500 years in timber: The Tilley Timber Project
Professor George Nash
Thursday 7.30 pm 20th May 2021
Between 2014 and 2018, the Heritage Lottery Fund provided a grant to undertake one of the largest dendrochronology clusters in the British Isles, involving 30 + timber-framed buildings.  The buildings of Tilley Village, many of them Listed are present on an estate plan of 1631.
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