We are three building preservation trusts all based in the West Midlands working together to share our knowledge and experience to save Historic Buildings at Risk.

West Midlands Historic Buildings Trust, The Worcestershire Building Preservation Trust, City of Wolverhampton Regenerating Buildings Preservation Trust.

We aim to safeguard buildings of historical and/or architectural importance, within the West Midlands and Worcestershire, which are in danger of being lost.

As well as projects to protect and rescue historic buildings, the Trusts organise a range of activities to encourage and involve our members and local communities.

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Upcoming Events

The Repair and Conversion of Springfield Brewery, Wolverhampton

The former Springfield Brewery is Grade II listed and contains [...]

John Madin: Architect of Home and Estate

Our speaker Geoff Purkis, of the Brutifull Birmingham Group, will [...]

3 Trusts Consultation Survey

Three Buildings Trusts from the West Midlands are reaching out to anyone connected with the area and the County of Worcestershire, who has an interest in local heritage and would like to help or learn more about it.  We rescue, repair and re-use heritage buildings and deliver a programme of related events and talks.  We would like to understand what interests you most about the heritage of the West Midlands, and whether you would be interested in volunteering your time to support our work?

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