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There are c15,000 Grade II listed buildings in our region of the West Midlands.
With an innovative approach, and the power of volunteers, we plan to complete a condition survey of each and every one.
Our aim is to identify which buildings are most at-risk, as this will enable us and our stakeholders to focus support and investment towards the most vulnerable buildings. It will also get people out-and-about, actively engaging with their local heritage.

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How you can help

The Buildings at Risk project provides a uniquely flexible volunteering opportunity.

No prior knowledge or experience of historic buildings is required – just an inquisitive nature and enthusiasm to explore!

There is a 30-minute training module to complete before joining the project to ensure that every volunteer, whether novice or enthusiast, has a consistent approach. It is then up to you whether you dip-in while waiting for a bus, or structure a full day of exploring with friends. This project is an opportunity for us to build a community of volunteers; people like you who are interested in the historic landscape of the West Midlands and passionate about preserving for future generations.

There are so many buildings to survey, we are looking for as many volunteers as possible. Whether you only survey one building or one hundred, all contributions are important. Each survey takes less than 5 minutes, so you’ll be able to fit them around your day – whenever and wherever you like; there are historic buildings everywhere!

You can sign up to become a volunteer in 2 easy steps.  Follow the steps to complete your online training module and then we can add you straight to the live project. It takes around 30 minutes to  sign up.

All our volunteers are immensely important to us and make this project achievable.

The Two Simple Steps to Become a Volunteer

Volunteer Handbook Documents

These documents are designed to help you with every aspect of volunteering. They form the ‘Volunteer Handbook’. Please refer back to them as often as you need when volunteering. You may want to download these to your device or print them to take out with you.

The original material was published as HEAGO61 Volunteer Guide (C) Historic England (2015). Any reproduction of the original work requires Historic England’s prior written permission and any reproduction of this adaptation of that work requires the express written permission of both Historic England and West Midlands Historic Buildings Trust. All Rights Reserved. Historic England does not accept liability for loss or damage arising from the use of the information contained in this work.

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