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Thank you for considering volunteering, your help will be invaluable to us in completing this project.

Our Buildings at Risk (BaR) project involves completing a condition survey on approximately 13,000 Grade II listed buildings across the West Midlands. This data will help us, and other organisations, including building owners, to make informed decisions as we work towards sustaining historic buildings for future generations.

We ask volunteers to complete a short training module (approx. 30 mins) to learn how to complete a condition survey. Then register with Mergin Maps before emailing us to be added to the project.

Once added, you can download the project to your phone using the Mergin Maps app. In the field you can complete surveys which will be stored on your phone’s local storage until you sync them to the cloud. You do not need to use mobile data as you can simply upload your recent surveys when you get a WiFi connection.

This is a forward thinking approach to volunteering. It is designed to be as casual or as intense as you like. Once on your phone, the project (and opportunity to volunteer) will always be there. Walking your dog in a new area? Pull out your phone and see if any buildings need a survey. Planning a day out to a new town or area? Take a look to see which buildings are still unsurveyed. Want a way to explore and be active with a purpose? All you need is our project and your phone!

If you have any questions about volunteering or you would be interested in becoming a volunteer ambassador for us please email us at

The Six Simple Steps to Become a Volunteer

Volunteer Handbook Documents

These documents are designed to help you with every aspect of volunteering. They form the ‘Volunteer Handbook’. Please refer back to them as often as you need when volunteering. You may want to download these to your device or print them to take out with you.

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