Heath Town War Memorial

The war memorial in Heath Town Park is grade II listed and particularly noted for the fine quality of the bronze sculpture. The figure of a soldier was designed by G.A. Walker of the G. Fiorini Foundry in London. Plaques to the front and rear are inscribed with the names of the fallen then on the right return is a bronze relief of naval gunners and to the left a bronze relief of airmen and plane, quite rare for a WWI memorial when the air force was in its infancy. The memorial was in a sorry state by the early 2000s having suffered serious vandalism, including attempts to move it from the plinth! In 2008 the Council managed to secure funding for restoration of the sculpture, costing £18,000, with grant aid from the War Memorials Trust, the Wolfson Foundation and English Heritage.
However it was feared that the memorial was still vulnerable to vandalism. 

Research revealed that the memorial had once been protected by railings that had been removed during WWII. Wolverhampton City Council approached the CoWRBPT seeking our assistance to manage a project to replace the railings in 2015. The new fencing and gate are designed to reflect similar ironwork details of this period found elsewhere in the City and based on one surviving postcard image of the originals. This project was funded by the War Memorials Trust with a 75% grant, the balance being provided by the Trust.

Early postcard showing the memorial with surrounding railings shortly after it was installed in 1920.

before railings installed.

After – railings and gate for access for maintenance.